9 Apr 2009

Follow Me!

Hey guys, I know isn't really a proper post, I swear I'll get round to it soon :P Anyway, if you, like yours truly, has discovered the miricle of Twitter, I command you to Follow me, so that I may Tweet to you about random things and most likely, annoying the hell outta ya! :P Tbh, I don't go on that much, as no-one talks to meh.../sadface My Twitter name is Sevei (gaspshockhorror!). See you soon (or else!) :P

4 Apr 2009

Azure Whelpling

Yay! I finally got one! It only took about two and a half hours of farming for it to drop. Needless to say, the others are also on my list, though apparently the other Whelps are much harder too accquire.
And yes, I know that my UI is horrible. :P