21 Sep 2009

Great Brewfest Kodo

OMIGODOMIGODOMIGOD W00t! I'm so awesomely happy :D

11 Sep 2009


Whoo! Two acheievements I've been working toward for ages :)

Next stop, Epic flying?

7 Sep 2009

Leaping Hatchling :3

I spent about 2 to 3 hours waiting for Takk The Leaper to spawn so I could get a Leaping Hatchling to sell.

I finally got it and I just couldn't resist adding it to my collection. :)

It's soooooooooo cute when it leaps to you :3 I recommend EVERYONE get one.

Go now! I'll probably have a new post written by the time you get back >.>

3 Sep 2009

Look At The Shiny Pictures!

Since I can't be bothered to finish my post on TotC (the 5-man) I'm going to attempt to distract you with shiny pictures instead :D

First off...

I was startled to say the least, when I logged back into Shattered Halls (the instance) and found myself falling through the void >.>

Just an average night in Orgrimmar :P

Attack of the Treants!!! I'm not gonna lie to you, I shat a brick when all these treants appeared lol.

And one more piccy...hmm...where is it? Oh, here we go!

/drool. How AWESOME is that guy? I'll tell you, VERY! :D

That's it for now, I'll make sure to take more weird/funny/disturbing SS's for next time.

25 Aug 2009

What's Been Happening

Let's start with Sevei. First off, Sevei (my Hunter) is FINALLY exalted with the Argent Dawn.

Yay me! That means I've got me a new title :3

Also, you may notice from the above SS that Cyanigosa finally gave me the staff I've been after for ages: the Staff of Trickery. Thank god, I was getting sick of Loken's present.

Now lets move on to my Rogue, Lyther. Only one notable occurance with her.

Booyah! Finally, my third toon to reach 60! ^^

I'm not sure if I have an SS's of Velestrasz, my Paladin. At level 67, I've respec'd him as Prot and managed to acquire a decent tanking sword and tanking shield for him to begin his adventures in Northrend with.

Well, that's all I can think of to report on just now. I'm sorry for not posting more but I'm in a kinda 'meh' mood just now. I'll try and update again soon though.

28 Jul 2009

Oracles or Frenzyheart...

Hmm, should I grind rep with the fishy-men, or the wolfy-men? Answer:

How could I not choose the faction that has the statue-with-the-permanently-surprised-face? :)

My Goals

I've been kinda 'meh' 'bout WoW lately, so I've decided to post a list of goals too help me when I need some motivation. I hope it works, seeing as I'm a lazy bum lol

1) Get a better bloody Ranged Weapon! I swear to freakin' God Almighty and Allah and all those dieties that may or may not exist, I am SOOO sick of my Prison Warden's Shotgun. It's gotten to the point where I feel near physical pain whenever I look at the thing.

I'm going for either the Nesingwary 4000, which is craftable by Engineers, or the Blunderbuss of Khaz Modan, which you can get for 25 Champion Seals at the Argent Tournament.

2) Get a better stat stick a.k.a Melee Weapon(s). Atm, I'm using Lightning Giant Staff, which is by no means bad, I just really want an epix :)

I'm going for either the Staff of Trickery that drops from Cyanigosa in the Violet Hold or the Silvery Sylvan Stave which you can purchase for 25 Champion Seals at the Argent Tournament grounds.

3) Get Normal Flying. Nuff said.

4) Get Epic Flying. /cringe.

5) Get Dual-Spec and make a good PvP spec. Aww, my poor wallet :(

That's all I can think of right now. Still, it's enough to be getting on with, eh? Right, off to the Argent Tourney and my Blunderbuss/Stave. :)

15 Jul 2009

Level 80!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-pauses to take a breathe-aaaaaaaaaaaaaay! <3

Well, my Hunter has been lvl 80 for about 2 weeks but I've just worked up the energy to write this post now lol. Level 80 is alot more work than I'd thought it would be :) As soon as I dinged, I started gathering mats for craftable epics...it turns out I'm not as patient as I though ^^ half an hour later I gave up and decided to buy as much as I could off of the AH.

I've also been PvP'ing ALOT more now, lots of my gear is either Hateful Gladiator gear or Titan-forged gear :3

I think that once I replace my gun, I'll be able to be try Naxx 10 :D

14 Jul 2009


That's right, you heard correctly. TheAllianceGuy, on my lvl 77 Draenei Hunter Sevei, finally ventured into the fabled Karazhan, former home of the Last Guardian of Tirisfal, Medivh.

Filled with ballrooms, mess halls, stables, opera halls, a gargantuan library and even a large telescope, it seems like a fitting place for such an important man.

The first thing that struck me about Karazhan, was the amazing atmosphere. It just has 'something' about it, from the moment you enter the instance, you can tell it's gonna totally rock.

As my five-man group ventured deeper and deeper into the castle, we experienced many wondrous things.

Like the Curator. He is so cool, even if he does like the Arcane thingies in SWP (except more pinkish). His voice, is really awesome sounding too:

Or the AMAZ-ing Chess Game. Seriously, very fun:

Right I just wanna say now, Medivh, as sexy as his voice is, he is a fucking CHEAT-er. Every minute or so the Image of Medivh, caresses our ears with some phrase then proceeds to attempt to ream us, in a illegal manner lol >.>

At first I went as the Knight, got killed, then a Footman, got killed, then went a healer and cruised through the rest of the fight. It was a very fresh and interesting fight to me, 'specially seeing as I love chess :D

I also loved the Shade of Aran and Netherspite <3. I was SO tempted to move during Flame Wreath lol. Thankfully, I managed to resist the urge as I wasn't sure if we would wipe ^^.

Netherspite was actually the hardest bit of Karazhan, we wiped three times before we got it down. I was obviously standing in the Blue Beam of Awesome Kickass-ness...then at like 20 stacks of the buff, I didn't noticed the Void Zone thing open up under me and I died in like 3-seconds flat >.>

And finally after like an hour, we got to the final boss, Prince Malchezaar. That's this guy down here:

And then, finaaaaaally, I got the Achievement ^^

WOOHOO!! ^^ I was so happy when I got this :D

Well, that's my Karazhan post, through with only of all the pictures I took lol. Please comment and share your experiences in TBC's best raid.

20 Jun 2009

I Wanted This And Now I May Be Getting It

Ok, this post was gonna be about a Karazhan run I did a few days ago, rife with pics. But I've seen something which ties back to a post I made a few months ago about wanting a player-chosen level cap.

Well, in an interview with Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton, many questions were asked about the upcoming 'exp gains in BGs'. All of which I found mildly interesting, seeing as I have developed a soft-spot for AV and WG recently, yet the information didn't make me run around, screaming 'FUCK YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!' at the top of my lungs. This did.An excerpt from the above linked article:

Do these players still have an avenue to remain at a level of their choosing while still being able to engage in PvP combat?

Cory Stockton: Yes, players will have access to a new option that will allow them to turn off experience gain in PVP. This option also ensures that you will only be matched against other players that have set the same switch. Players can activate this option by talking to new NPCs, Behsten and Slahtz, near the Battlemasters in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. This new ability will cost 10 gold to turn on or off each time.

If these players disable the ability to gain experience, will this apply to PvE content as well?

Cory Stockton: Yes, this option will apply to PvE content as well as PvP.

*Insert much, screaming, flailing and general happy behaviour* Ladies and Gentlemen, Trolls and Goblins and even all the weird Slime creatures. I am one happy AllianceGuy :D

And though I have never heard of Cory Stockton until 20 minutes ago...Dude, you officially ROCK!

12 Jun 2009

Teh Fuck?

Okay okay, I'll be the first to admit I'm not the most observent person in the World of Warcraft but...what the fuck is that?

Seriously, I have NEVER seen this before and I don't like change (another reference for ya).Anyone know what it is and what it's for?

My Pussy Is Happy

...I mean my Druid, get you're minds outta the gutter. Geez.

I ran through DM on my Feral Druid today and got two lovely items.

Cape of the Brotherhood and Lavishly Jewled Ring.

Unfortunatly, being the giant bastard he is, Edwin VanCleef didn't see fit to allow me to pull the Blackened Defias Armor off of his broken corpse.

Oh well, guess I'll just have to go back tomorrow and free the beast all over the back of his head. If you get the reference, you win.

Gold Sellers Being Creative

Now, I hate Gold sellers, let me be clear 'bout that. What they do is both wrong and annoying, especially when they spam trade chat or /w you.

Sometimes though, the Gold Sellers do something you can't help but admire.Like in this pic.

Maybe this is commonplace on other realms but this is the first time I've seen someone do this and it made me grin, chuckle and mutter, 'Those wacky bastards'. For that, I salute them. /salute

But no seriously, Gold Sellers are bad and anyone who buys gold from such companies will almost definitely get (at least) their WoW account hacked. If you are lucky, they won't delete or transfer your characters.

The horror stories I've heard.../shudder. Anyone else seen or heard any funny Gold Seller Ads? Leave a comment and tell me about 'em :P

22 May 2009

Girls Play WoW

Yes, they do. I know many awesome female players, most of whom are healers. What I don't understand is why they get so much hassle over their (rather lovely) gender.

For example, I was in a group yesterday and we where gonna attempt HoL. I messaged an amazing healer I'd grouped with before and asked her if she would be up for it. After she said yes, we got a tank and 2 more DPS to fill out the group.

Then when we were at the first boss (really awesome) we kept wiping because the tank obviously wasn't very good and kept losing aggro. When I asked the tank if he had bought his account of Ebay, the rest of the group started going off on my Healer friend.

Maybe some of their reasons were valid but I stopped listening to them as soon as someone uttered the words, "Get this whore out of our group so we can get a REAL healer in." I swear to god, that pissed me off so fucking much!

After a few choice words and a few /kick's, my friend and I decided to chill out by doing some fishing. =3

Uhhh, damn this kinda turned into a rant...anyway to summarize: Girls play WoW, GET OVER IT.

For The Alliance!

21 May 2009

Guild Drama

I have a problem. All three of my Alliance toons are in separate guilds. These guilds are all lovely, full of great people and stimulating G-chat. However, I have discovered a guild so awesome and fun, that I want to stick all my toons into it.

Anyone got any advice on how to go about that without hurting anyone's feelings?

I've thought about just/gquit'ing but that wouldn't be fair to my guildies. Sigh, sometimes I wish I wasn't such a nice guy...Anyway, I'd love your feedback on my situation.

For The Alliance!

Sleeping With The Fishes...Daily

I LOVE the fishing dailies. There, I said it! I currently get more enjoyment from my two essential dailies (fishing and cooking) than I do from any other facet of the wonderful world of Warcraft.As such, I haven't been on WoW much lately, except to do the aforementioned quests.

Even grouping for 5-mans doesn't do it for me any more...and this frightens me.There was a time, not that long ago when all you had to say to me was:

"Sevei, you up for a 5-"


"Don't you wanna know what it is?"

Nah, doesn't matter! Let's get our boogie on!"

"...fine whatever..."

But now, it all just seems so...boring and pointless. I want to feel that burst of awesomeness you feel when you step into an instance for the first time. Heh, when I first saw Azjol-Nerub...lets just say there was girlish screaming involved.

Anyone got any ideas about how to spice up WoW for me? Love to hear your thoughts on my dilemma.

And yes, I actually say, "Let's get our boogie on!" So sue me.

15 May 2009

Long Time No See

This post was originally gonna be a goodbye post. I hadn't posted in over a month and WoW is being a bitch atm. But then I saw that Cait from OneAmongMany was quitting as well and that re-ignited my resolve to blog about WoW.

It's extremely sad to see all these awesomely talented and funny bloggers leaving the blogosphere but such is the way of life, nothing is permanent.

Still with my new resolve, I aim to still be blogging, though possibly not about WoW for as long as possible. Expect me.

9 Apr 2009

Follow Me!

Hey guys, I know isn't really a proper post, I swear I'll get round to it soon :P Anyway, if you, like yours truly, has discovered the miricle of Twitter, I command you to Follow me, so that I may Tweet to you about random things and most likely, annoying the hell outta ya! :P Tbh, I don't go on that much, as no-one talks to meh.../sadface My Twitter name is Sevei (gaspshockhorror!). See you soon (or else!) :P

4 Apr 2009

Azure Whelpling

Yay! I finally got one! It only took about two and a half hours of farming for it to drop. Needless to say, the others are also on my list, though apparently the other Whelps are much harder too accquire.
And yes, I know that my UI is horrible. :P

30 Mar 2009

It's Finally Happened...

Ever since Resto4Life closed it's doors, I've been fearing this would come to pass...and now, it finally has. The mighty, hilarious, inspiring BRK, the one who made me pick up WoW again... is leaving the blogosphere and the game. Possibly for good.

I...I really don't know what to say... the thought of going to BRK's page and seeing it unchanged after weeks, months...makes me indescribably sad.

Here's to ya, BRK. A great man, who has inspired thousands, best of luck to you and your family. I hope you get everything sorted soon.

If you want to read his farewell post, go here. If you don't die a little inside...you are already dead...

27 Mar 2009

An Award? For Me?

The Honest Weblog Award? What's that then?

[Receives wooden statue painted with cheap gold spray paint, holding it gingerly by one of the many rusty looking nails protruding from it.]

Wow, my own award! When I started this blog, I never thought I'd get any awards for it. /sniff. Must...not...cry. Thanks much to the lovely Cait from the One Among Many blog, for handing me this very...humble award. :P

For those that have never heard of this award, I'll explain the rules.

Rules: 1. Brag about said award and link back to individual passing said award to you.

2. Tag 7 other bloggers and give them all said award.

3. Write 10 honest things about yourself since this is the "Honest Weblog Award".

So, I might as well get this done now. Here are 10 honest things about me.

1. I'm a very laid back person, it's takes alot for me get annoyed or angry.

2. I love WoW to an almost crazy degree, sometimes I find it hard to talk about anything else.

3. I was born 8 weeks early and had to have heart surgery soon after I took my first gasp of air.

4. I love my blog and wish I could find the energy to write more often.

5. I'm 19 - when 911 hit, I didn't believe my mum when she phoned to tell me. I thought, being only 10 as I was, who would be crazy enough do that? I was horrified later to find out it was true.

6. I love my cats, Pepper and Mog but my god, they sometimes drive me crazy.

7. My music tastes often confuse people as I love listening to hardcore heavy metal, yet also like pop and classical music. Stravinsky, anyone?

8. My favourite sport is Chess, yes you heard me, Chess. I dare you to tell me Chess ain't a sport :P Lets see what would happen.

9. My desk at home is generally a mess, covered in things I'm too lazy too move, plates, bowls, sweets wrappers, soft drinks cans. Y'know, the usual.

10. My name is Bryan and I'm from Scotland. I hunt haggises for a living :P Tricky things, haggises... /giggle.

Now to give these awards to some other blogger's. It's an Honest Award...so I suppose I should explain why I think you guys should expect such.. an auspicious award. :)

1. The Warcraft Hunter - One of the many bloggers who inspired me to start my own blog. Full of great huntering wisdom and advice, this is a must for all aspiring hunters. A.K.A Me.

2. Lienna - One of the first bloggers I ever read, Lienna, even though she is a Survival Hunter, is among my favourite bloggers and I think she deserves an award as well.

3. Aspect of the Hare - Need I say more? Pike really is one of the greatest bloggers I have ever read, along with a certain Uncle... :P Here's to ya Pike! /cheer

4. Lady Jess - Wow, at least this blogging isn't always a hunter! At least, I think she isn't, otherwise people might think I'm biased or something! :P Always a lady, Lady Jess's funny, thoughtful posts make my day.

5. Blessing of Kings - The best Paladin blogger imho! Full of thought provoking and theory-crafting posts, this is a blog for everyone, not just a pally!

6. Death Coil - Surprisingly, one of the only good Death Knight/Warlock blogs I could find. Full of descriptive posts and some RPing, this is a blog you don't wanna miss!

7. BigRedKitty -Okay, I know for a fact that BRK has already got one of these awards but goddamn, he deserves another! For the man who inspired me to drop my rogue and roll a hunter, thank you sir! /salute

There, those are the wonderful bloggers I believe make the WoW Blogosphere a better place! Now, go forth and read!

25 Mar 2009

A New Low

Now, I know that what I'm about to speak (rant) about has been discussed to death and is really old (patch 2.4.3 old) but I feel that it needs to be said. Again.

I hate what Blizzard has done to Anub'arak. I really do. The coolest (and toughest, lets face it) Scourge Hero from WC3 has been reduced to a level 72-74 5-man dungeon boss. That's just mean.

Anub'arak, along with Kel'Thuzad, are two of the Lich King's strongest, most influential servants. In the Burning Crusade Expansion, both of Illidan Stormrage's lieutenants, Lady Vashj and Kael'Thas Sunstrider, were both made into 25-man Raid bosses, both of whom, in lore, were arguably weaker than the mighty Crypt Lord.

I mean, Anub'arak destroyed Illidan's massive army marching on Icecrown Citadel, by himself. C'mon. When Blizzard said they had big plans for Anub'arak, I really thought 'Raid Boss' not 'Kinda hard but not really dungeon Elite'.

Though, I suppose Blizzard could always pull a Patchwerk and raise him to fight again, bigger and better than before. I just think they keep screwing over their own lore most of the time and it really annoys me.

If I heard, in a later patch, that they were re-releasing Azjol-Nerub, as a huge, sprawling 25-man Raid instance (like how they should've done it originally) that was actually REALLY Hard, I would be all 'Hell Yea!"

Um, well, that's me all done (for now). Sorry for ranting but after running through Azjol-Nerub when I ding'd 72, I was disappointed, don't get me wrong though, it's my favourite instance, it's just on too small a scale, for my tastes.

Plus the only thing that a hunter has even a remote interest in, loot-wise is Cobweb Machette.

24 Mar 2009

Why I Play A BM Hunter

I'll tell you why I play BM. It basically boils down to one thing: Pets. I know all Hunters have pets but only BM's have Pets. As a BM, your pet is your friend, your companion, someone you can always count on to have your back, unlike Survival and Marksmen where your pet is only there too do as much damage as possible before dying.

I like the fact that, as BM, if your pet dies, it actually matters. If a BM's pet dies, they should lose 40-50% of their DPS. Because, in my humble opinion, Hunters are all 'bout the pets. Without a pet, we are worse than useless. But with one, our power reaches heights previously unimagined...

I don't know about other BM's but when any of my pets die, I feel an almost physical pain, which means I immediately drop whatever I'm doing and ress him. Doesn't matter if I'm supposed to be trapping something, or it's during a boss fight, he's my pet, my friend. That's all there is to it. Any Hunter that says otherwise is, in my opinion, just a mail-wearing mage.

22 Mar 2009

The Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj

Booyah! Even though everyone in the raid was above level 70, the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj was actually really fun.
Plus, I'm one step closer to the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement.
This raid was part of our guild's new Event Day every Sunday.
Next week we will be doing Zul'Gurub, which I'm really looking forward too. Fingers crossed that one of the mounts will drop. :P

19 Mar 2009

Crash And Burn!

Well, I was planning to do a movie of all the UK bosses but my computer is acting really weird. It keeps crashing when I'm playing WoW then restarting. It's really annoying and what's more, I don't know whats causing it. I'll get to the bottom of it though....

17 Mar 2009

God Hates Me...

I got my new computer, I got my new computer! Woohoo! Oh...nice nice, it only took about about an hour or so to fully install the game and expansions, so far so good....

Ok, let's start dowloading the first of many patches...fuck. Estimated download time: 10hours.


Must...experience WoW in...22" screen awesomeness....except my speakers ain't working. WoW with no sound? Noooooo!

/runs around in circle, flailing arms wildly.

Jeez, someone in my family must have really pissed off the man upstairs.

12 Mar 2009

Player Set Level Cap

This idea came to me as I was reading up on Karazhan. The thing is, Karazhan is what some people refer to as a 'gear check' to see if players are ready, gear-wise, for higher level raids.

Now Karazhan sounds really, really cool and fun but now that WotLK has came out and the level cap has been kicked up to 80, by the time a level 70 player had got to a sufficient gear level, they would have probably ding'd to 71 maybe even 72.

This may not sound too bad too some people but it would ruin Karazhan for me, no longer being as difficult, as challenging. So that's why I want, no demand, an option to manually level cap myself so that I can still enjoy all this great content but not level up, as though I didn't have the expansion. Then, when I felt it was time to venture to Northrend, I could go to an NPC (or something) and maybe even pay a small fee, to remove my level cap.

I know most people will think this is a stupid idea but I'm one of the many people who started playing when WotLK was already out, so otherwise I'm never gonna get to experience this content as it was intended to be experienced.

That makes me sad :(

11 Mar 2009

Moar Spirit Beasties!

On the latest version of the PTR, a new form of Spirit Beast is available. Gondria, found in Zul'Drak, is basically a see-through Frostsaber with Spirit Strike. I'm not very impressed to be honest, I think I'll still end up going for Loque'nahak, even if this guy does turn out to be more easily tamed.

Pop over to the WoWHead Forums to read about this lovely new pet.

4 Mar 2009

Performance Enhancement

Well, I just ordered a l33t gaming PC, well l33t compared to my laptop at least. Hopefully I'll finally be able to experience WoW with all of the Video settings cranked up at High and not cripple my frame rate. Unfortunately, it's gonna take 2 weeks for delivery. Sigh, I just know it's gonna be a loooong two weeks :P

Spacegoat Lovin'

Booyah! GotN (Gift of the Naaru) is now even more awesome, if you can believe that! On top of being a HoT (Heal over Time) it now removes up to two harmful Magic effects from a friendly target. As someone said on BRK's blog, Draenei Warriors = Decurser Duty :P

Unfortunately though, it's not all good news, for our Dwarven brothers in arms, at least. Stoneform has been nerfed. It now no longer grants 8secs of Immunity to Bleed, Poison or Disease, though it may still remove any of those effects when you first pop it, I'm unsure about this though.

Can anyone confirm?

3 Mar 2009


Even though my WoW subscription is up, I have decided to tame a cat. Yes, you heard right dear readers, a cat. Now I just need to decide what cat. I have narrowed my choices down to two unthinkable options. :P (Sorry, loved that movie).

I'm going to tame either Humar the Pridelord in the Barrens, or Sian-Rotam in Winterspring. Both look really, really cool so it's hard to pick which one lol. Right now, I'm leaning towards Sian-Rotam, because his contrasting colors (white fur, black mane) really catch my eye.

I would love to hear your opinions on this.

If You Could..?

Pike asked, 'If you could have any title, any at all, even one not in the game, what would you choose?' For me, seeing as I like both Nerubians and the Auchenai Crypts (which means my title could mean two different things :P) my title would be:

'Crypt Lord' Sevei...mmmm yeah, seriously if I had the choice of getting all the old, unavailable titles (Hand of A'dal, Champion of the Naaru ect) or Crypt Lord, I would choose Crypt Lord. :P Is it me or does it just sound...sexy? lol

2 Mar 2009

My Resolution

I've decided to learn how to PvP more effectively, both in Battlegrounds and Arena. I'm basically a PvP n00b, only having 1.6k honor at lvl 68. Saying that though, it's gonna be hard to get practice in BG's seeing as almost no-one goes into any of the old ones anymore, at least when I'm on. It's all WG, WG, WG!

Jeez, whatever happened to a nice game of AV, huh? Anyway, back to my resolution, It would be really cool if I could get someone to show me the ropes instead of having to do it trial-and-error style.

By the time Season 6 comes out, I wanna have full Season 5! That is my goal.


1 Mar 2009

Rockin' In Da Crypts

Well, I'm almost lvl 68 and I ain't even set a hoof in Nagrand yet. I really wanna do the Hills Like White Elekk acheivement I'm still around the right level. Still, since you can start doing Northrend starting area quests at lvl 68, I'm not that bothered.

In my pursuit of new and interesting (at least to me) instances, a few of my guildies and I ran through the Auchenai Crypts and The Sethekk Halls tonight. I have to say I found the Crypts very pleasing on the eyes while the Halls were pretty mundane and filled with Akkroa which I loathe.

By the time we all called it a night, I had some nice loot for my troubles: Ravenclaw Band, Talon Lord's Collar and Terokk's Mask. All of which, if not outright upgrades, were at least side grades.

Tomorrow? Shadow Labyrinth and the Sonic Spear!

26 Feb 2009


Wow, a level in less than a day, not bad :P I also got the achievement To Hellfire And Back shortly before I ding'd. So all in all, a good day. Next goal: lvl 66 in Nagrand!


Woohoo! Finally got to level 64, I think I might pop over to Nagrand after I've finished all of the Hellfire Peninsula quests. Or maybe Shadowmoon Valley? Hmm, I'm not sure what level that's for. Oh well, anyway I'm getting closer and closer to Northrend :P /cool

Damn! Foiled Again!

I wish I'd known then what I do now. That you can't change the URL of your blog, even if you change the actual name. Hm, a dilemma if there ever was one. My old blog name (Sevei's Hunter Cafe) was too limited in scope to fit my rambling post style.

So, I was flicking through the official WoW wallpapers when I found a picture (which I'm now using for my Blog Header) that kicked my few remaining brains cells into motion. It was perfect! So general, so vague, that even I would struggle to go off-topic!

And thus I named my blog: For The Alliance!

EDIT: After posting this, I discovered that you CAN change your blog URL, therefore making this post null and void. I ain't gonna remove it though, maybe the more posts I have, the more people will visit my blog.../cackle insanely.

24 Feb 2009

Man, I'm Depressed...

As you may (or not) have heard, Phaelia is closing the doors of Resto4Life. Mr. ChainTrap has also decided to stop blogging. 'Why?' is the the question you may be asking. Well, I'll tell ya. Children. Both of these esteemed bloggers are expecting their first bundles of joy soon and as such have decided to quit the WoW Blogosphere in order to devote more times to their family.

I say: Congratulations! Even though these departures illicited an extremely depressing post from Pike...I still belive celebrations are in order.

22 Feb 2009

Why I Think DK's Are Annoying

"Surely not! DK's annoying? Absurd!"

Well no, it's not Absurd at all. Almost all DK's, except mine and a few others, are arrogant to the point of being obnoxious and think they know better than everyone else.

"Well surely they have earned the privilage of being insufferable pricks by levelling a character all the way to level 55?"

So, by that logic, I should be an annoying know-it-all who thinks that I am invincible as well?

"Uhhh...maybe they are annoying because that's the way they are with all their toons?"

Nope. I know loads of players, who when playing their Hunters, pallys, shammies ect ect, are all as nice as you could hope for but immediately go to the Dark Side as soon as they logon with their DK.


No more arguments, huh? Hah, you know who rules here then, don't ya?

"Uh, you do realize that your arguing with yourself, right?"

What can I say? I'm bored. I'm waiting impatiently for the PTR to come on.

"Dude, you are crazy..."

Tell me something I don't know.

Drinks At The Grim Guzzler

Hey everyone, sorry 'bout not updating my blog for so long. I'm not gonna tell you RL was being a bitch and that I was too busy. No, I'm not gonna insult your vast intelligence, my dear readers. The real reason I have not written in a donkey's age is merely because of two small things.

1) I've not done anything remotely interesting in WoW recently, well, unless you count obsessively doing the Ramparts untill I had the awesome looking polearm, legs and gloves.

2) I was overcome by a bout of laziness so potent, so horrible I could barely bring myself to play WoW! I know, I know! Shock, horror and frozen hotdogs, Batman!

But now that I have overcome these problems, you can expect much more bitch- I mean posting from yours truly.

So, sit back, grab a beer and stick on some soothing Def Leppard :P

15 Jan 2009

BM Kicks SV Ass

Yes, yes it does. At least at my level it does. Though I suppose SV doesn't get it's best damaging attack 'til lvl 60, while BM kicks ass immediately, what with IAotH and Focused Fire and they would only require lvl 19 to get those awesome talents!

Although, saying that, SV gets some pretty nifty talents too. Like, Improved Tracking and Survival Instincts.

It might be that I'm wrong, as I haven't done proper testing with the two different spec's but I just feel that BM owns things faster. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Ciao!

14 Jan 2009

Razorfen Downs: EPIC FAIL

So there I was, watching happily as my trusty Ravager, Farahlon, was munching on undead skull, when I get a whisper from a guildie.
Akorin: "Hey Sevei, you still wanna go do RFD for that quest?"
I look at my minimap, and seeing not one red blip, I reply, "Yeah sure thing!"
Fast foward half an hour and Me, Akorin and three other guys are FINALLY inside the instance. I look round and grin and I do a Cartman-style "Sweeet." I love going to instances that I've never been to before and I'd been meaning to come here for a while.
Things went well at first except, because of the 4 or 5 lvl difference between our tank and Akorin, who is a Mage, it meant that the tank had not a snowballs chance in hell of holding aggro. But that was cool, I was there to trap and generally annoy any mob that got close to the poor little, squishie.

But everything changed when we got to a chamber a little further in. I don't know how but we, and by we I mean the idiot dr00d, managed to pull every single mob in the room and beyond. There was like 14-15 mobs suddenly bearing down on the druid and being the kind-hearted Hunter that I am, I pulled one, trapped one and got my pet to tank another, to prevent him being totally pwn'd (although he totally deserved it).

Now, I know that it's a well known fact that Hunters love our Tanks, I mean they stop us getting ass-raped in a single hit but our Tank was just awesome. He ran in, pulling as many mobs to him as he could and held them by their faces and slapped them about a bit. Also, because the druid, who was supposed to be healing the tank, decided that he'd much rather be a kitty, left Akorin and I to cast GotN (Gift of the Naaru) on the tank to keep him alive.

How ridiculous is that? I mean c'mon! Yet despite the spectacular failure of the pull, I was grinning the whole time! I loved it, this was how it should be! Chaos and desperation, mixed with exhilaration when we actually killed all the mobs with only one casualty (bet you can't guess who ^^). If only we had went further in, who knows how awesome the battles mighta been?

But alas, that was not to be, for the druid, throwing a huff because he hadn't watched his HP and was the only one who died, like he was annoyed we hadn't wiped or something /bitch slap druid, he left the group. I was all for continuing, I mean I wasn't like he had done that much healing after all. But then, with no warning the other Mage did a Houdini on us and suddenly it was only our Tank, Akorin and I.
I had to admit defeat then, even though it pisses me off, that one person can ruin an entire hour of work.
So to sum up my rambling post: Say NO to Feral Kitty Druids!

Hi Everybody!

Hi, my name is Sevei and, as the title says, this is my cafe. I know what your thinking: what a dump, right? Well yeah but that's how I roll. Anyhoo, I don't really know why I decided to suddenly start a World Of Warcraft blog, apart from the fact that so many bloggers such as BRK, Lienna and Pike, have all helped to make me a better hunter.

You should have seen what I was like when I first rolled a Nelf Hunter, /shudder. Anyhoo, steering away from those incredibly traumatic memories of total FAILage, I just want to say; sit your asses the hell down and listen to me, godammit!

Good, now that the unpleasantries are out of the way, I guess I actually need to think of something to talk about...no wait! Rein it in Sevei, this is just an introductory post... /struggle inwardly. I think I'll just detail what you can expect from this blog.

Firstoffly, I'll TRY, note the emphasis on the word try people, to post at least four-to-five times a week. This may not seem like a lot...and it isn't, I'm just really lazy ^^.

Nexticus, I know absolutely NOTHING about running a blog, so i haven't the foggiest how to make it look cool and interesting like BRK's or Pike's, for example I don't how to use HTML to link to sites or how too add pictures or videos. I would really appreciate any help that any readers, or fellow bloggers may have for me. EDIT: Nevermind, lol, I've worked out out how to do all of things I mentioned above. Still, any other hints and tips or downright cheats are very welcome :)!

And last but not least, the subject matter. I will, from past experience, be talking out of my rectum (it's a surprisingly difficult skill to master) most of the time, as well, lets face the facts. I'm freakin' lvl 3...6, I think, yeah I'm pretty sure I leveled up...anyway, if you think I have something wrong, or hell even if you just like to argue for the sake of it, feel free to send me a BRK-style BIG FROSTY GLASS OF SHUT UP JUICE! (Sevei apologises humbly to BRKWWA for his blantant copy-right infringment, and yet cannot find the energy to promise he won't do it again. Which he will. Very soon...)

While, admittedly, I'm nowhere near the level of expertise and overall awesomeness of any of the above Hunter Gods, hopefully I'll at least be able to entertain a handful of people with my rambling, unstructured posts.

And yeah, I know that the pic I've put up has nothing at all to do with this post, I just just thought 'what the hell!' and stuck it in there anyways.