26 Feb 2009


Wow, a level in less than a day, not bad :P I also got the achievement To Hellfire And Back shortly before I ding'd. So all in all, a good day. Next goal: lvl 66 in Nagrand!


Woohoo! Finally got to level 64, I think I might pop over to Nagrand after I've finished all of the Hellfire Peninsula quests. Or maybe Shadowmoon Valley? Hmm, I'm not sure what level that's for. Oh well, anyway I'm getting closer and closer to Northrend :P /cool

Damn! Foiled Again!

I wish I'd known then what I do now. That you can't change the URL of your blog, even if you change the actual name. Hm, a dilemma if there ever was one. My old blog name (Sevei's Hunter Cafe) was too limited in scope to fit my rambling post style.

So, I was flicking through the official WoW wallpapers when I found a picture (which I'm now using for my Blog Header) that kicked my few remaining brains cells into motion. It was perfect! So general, so vague, that even I would struggle to go off-topic!

And thus I named my blog: For The Alliance!

EDIT: After posting this, I discovered that you CAN change your blog URL, therefore making this post null and void. I ain't gonna remove it though, maybe the more posts I have, the more people will visit my blog.../cackle insanely.

24 Feb 2009

Man, I'm Depressed...

As you may (or not) have heard, Phaelia is closing the doors of Resto4Life. Mr. ChainTrap has also decided to stop blogging. 'Why?' is the the question you may be asking. Well, I'll tell ya. Children. Both of these esteemed bloggers are expecting their first bundles of joy soon and as such have decided to quit the WoW Blogosphere in order to devote more times to their family.

I say: Congratulations! Even though these departures illicited an extremely depressing post from Pike...I still belive celebrations are in order.

22 Feb 2009

Why I Think DK's Are Annoying

"Surely not! DK's annoying? Absurd!"

Well no, it's not Absurd at all. Almost all DK's, except mine and a few others, are arrogant to the point of being obnoxious and think they know better than everyone else.

"Well surely they have earned the privilage of being insufferable pricks by levelling a character all the way to level 55?"

So, by that logic, I should be an annoying know-it-all who thinks that I am invincible as well?

"Uhhh...maybe they are annoying because that's the way they are with all their toons?"

Nope. I know loads of players, who when playing their Hunters, pallys, shammies ect ect, are all as nice as you could hope for but immediately go to the Dark Side as soon as they logon with their DK.


No more arguments, huh? Hah, you know who rules here then, don't ya?

"Uh, you do realize that your arguing with yourself, right?"

What can I say? I'm bored. I'm waiting impatiently for the PTR to come on.

"Dude, you are crazy..."

Tell me something I don't know.

Drinks At The Grim Guzzler

Hey everyone, sorry 'bout not updating my blog for so long. I'm not gonna tell you RL was being a bitch and that I was too busy. No, I'm not gonna insult your vast intelligence, my dear readers. The real reason I have not written in a donkey's age is merely because of two small things.

1) I've not done anything remotely interesting in WoW recently, well, unless you count obsessively doing the Ramparts untill I had the awesome looking polearm, legs and gloves.

2) I was overcome by a bout of laziness so potent, so horrible I could barely bring myself to play WoW! I know, I know! Shock, horror and frozen hotdogs, Batman!

But now that I have overcome these problems, you can expect much more bitch- I mean posting from yours truly.

So, sit back, grab a beer and stick on some soothing Def Leppard :P