20 Jun 2009

I Wanted This And Now I May Be Getting It

Ok, this post was gonna be about a Karazhan run I did a few days ago, rife with pics. But I've seen something which ties back to a post I made a few months ago about wanting a player-chosen level cap.

Well, in an interview with Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton, many questions were asked about the upcoming 'exp gains in BGs'. All of which I found mildly interesting, seeing as I have developed a soft-spot for AV and WG recently, yet the information didn't make me run around, screaming 'FUCK YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!' at the top of my lungs. This did.An excerpt from the above linked article:

Do these players still have an avenue to remain at a level of their choosing while still being able to engage in PvP combat?

Cory Stockton: Yes, players will have access to a new option that will allow them to turn off experience gain in PVP. This option also ensures that you will only be matched against other players that have set the same switch. Players can activate this option by talking to new NPCs, Behsten and Slahtz, near the Battlemasters in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. This new ability will cost 10 gold to turn on or off each time.

If these players disable the ability to gain experience, will this apply to PvE content as well?

Cory Stockton: Yes, this option will apply to PvE content as well as PvP.

*Insert much, screaming, flailing and general happy behaviour* Ladies and Gentlemen, Trolls and Goblins and even all the weird Slime creatures. I am one happy AllianceGuy :D

And though I have never heard of Cory Stockton until 20 minutes ago...Dude, you officially ROCK!

12 Jun 2009

Teh Fuck?

Okay okay, I'll be the first to admit I'm not the most observent person in the World of Warcraft but...what the fuck is that?

Seriously, I have NEVER seen this before and I don't like change (another reference for ya).Anyone know what it is and what it's for?

My Pussy Is Happy

...I mean my Druid, get you're minds outta the gutter. Geez.

I ran through DM on my Feral Druid today and got two lovely items.

Cape of the Brotherhood and Lavishly Jewled Ring.

Unfortunatly, being the giant bastard he is, Edwin VanCleef didn't see fit to allow me to pull the Blackened Defias Armor off of his broken corpse.

Oh well, guess I'll just have to go back tomorrow and free the beast all over the back of his head. If you get the reference, you win.

Gold Sellers Being Creative

Now, I hate Gold sellers, let me be clear 'bout that. What they do is both wrong and annoying, especially when they spam trade chat or /w you.

Sometimes though, the Gold Sellers do something you can't help but admire.Like in this pic.

Maybe this is commonplace on other realms but this is the first time I've seen someone do this and it made me grin, chuckle and mutter, 'Those wacky bastards'. For that, I salute them. /salute

But no seriously, Gold Sellers are bad and anyone who buys gold from such companies will almost definitely get (at least) their WoW account hacked. If you are lucky, they won't delete or transfer your characters.

The horror stories I've heard.../shudder. Anyone else seen or heard any funny Gold Seller Ads? Leave a comment and tell me about 'em :P