28 Jul 2009

Oracles or Frenzyheart...

Hmm, should I grind rep with the fishy-men, or the wolfy-men? Answer:

How could I not choose the faction that has the statue-with-the-permanently-surprised-face? :)

My Goals

I've been kinda 'meh' 'bout WoW lately, so I've decided to post a list of goals too help me when I need some motivation. I hope it works, seeing as I'm a lazy bum lol

1) Get a better bloody Ranged Weapon! I swear to freakin' God Almighty and Allah and all those dieties that may or may not exist, I am SOOO sick of my Prison Warden's Shotgun. It's gotten to the point where I feel near physical pain whenever I look at the thing.

I'm going for either the Nesingwary 4000, which is craftable by Engineers, or the Blunderbuss of Khaz Modan, which you can get for 25 Champion Seals at the Argent Tournament.

2) Get a better stat stick a.k.a Melee Weapon(s). Atm, I'm using Lightning Giant Staff, which is by no means bad, I just really want an epix :)

I'm going for either the Staff of Trickery that drops from Cyanigosa in the Violet Hold or the Silvery Sylvan Stave which you can purchase for 25 Champion Seals at the Argent Tournament grounds.

3) Get Normal Flying. Nuff said.

4) Get Epic Flying. /cringe.

5) Get Dual-Spec and make a good PvP spec. Aww, my poor wallet :(

That's all I can think of right now. Still, it's enough to be getting on with, eh? Right, off to the Argent Tourney and my Blunderbuss/Stave. :)

15 Jul 2009

Level 80!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-pauses to take a breathe-aaaaaaaaaaaaaay! <3

Well, my Hunter has been lvl 80 for about 2 weeks but I've just worked up the energy to write this post now lol. Level 80 is alot more work than I'd thought it would be :) As soon as I dinged, I started gathering mats for craftable epics...it turns out I'm not as patient as I though ^^ half an hour later I gave up and decided to buy as much as I could off of the AH.

I've also been PvP'ing ALOT more now, lots of my gear is either Hateful Gladiator gear or Titan-forged gear :3

I think that once I replace my gun, I'll be able to be try Naxx 10 :D

14 Jul 2009


That's right, you heard correctly. TheAllianceGuy, on my lvl 77 Draenei Hunter Sevei, finally ventured into the fabled Karazhan, former home of the Last Guardian of Tirisfal, Medivh.

Filled with ballrooms, mess halls, stables, opera halls, a gargantuan library and even a large telescope, it seems like a fitting place for such an important man.

The first thing that struck me about Karazhan, was the amazing atmosphere. It just has 'something' about it, from the moment you enter the instance, you can tell it's gonna totally rock.

As my five-man group ventured deeper and deeper into the castle, we experienced many wondrous things.

Like the Curator. He is so cool, even if he does like the Arcane thingies in SWP (except more pinkish). His voice, is really awesome sounding too:

Or the AMAZ-ing Chess Game. Seriously, very fun:

Right I just wanna say now, Medivh, as sexy as his voice is, he is a fucking CHEAT-er. Every minute or so the Image of Medivh, caresses our ears with some phrase then proceeds to attempt to ream us, in a illegal manner lol >.>

At first I went as the Knight, got killed, then a Footman, got killed, then went a healer and cruised through the rest of the fight. It was a very fresh and interesting fight to me, 'specially seeing as I love chess :D

I also loved the Shade of Aran and Netherspite <3. I was SO tempted to move during Flame Wreath lol. Thankfully, I managed to resist the urge as I wasn't sure if we would wipe ^^.

Netherspite was actually the hardest bit of Karazhan, we wiped three times before we got it down. I was obviously standing in the Blue Beam of Awesome Kickass-ness...then at like 20 stacks of the buff, I didn't noticed the Void Zone thing open up under me and I died in like 3-seconds flat >.>

And finally after like an hour, we got to the final boss, Prince Malchezaar. That's this guy down here:

And then, finaaaaaally, I got the Achievement ^^

WOOHOO!! ^^ I was so happy when I got this :D

Well, that's my Karazhan post, through with only of all the pictures I took lol. Please comment and share your experiences in TBC's best raid.