14 Jan 2009

Hi Everybody!

Hi, my name is Sevei and, as the title says, this is my cafe. I know what your thinking: what a dump, right? Well yeah but that's how I roll. Anyhoo, I don't really know why I decided to suddenly start a World Of Warcraft blog, apart from the fact that so many bloggers such as BRK, Lienna and Pike, have all helped to make me a better hunter.

You should have seen what I was like when I first rolled a Nelf Hunter, /shudder. Anyhoo, steering away from those incredibly traumatic memories of total FAILage, I just want to say; sit your asses the hell down and listen to me, godammit!

Good, now that the unpleasantries are out of the way, I guess I actually need to think of something to talk about...no wait! Rein it in Sevei, this is just an introductory post... /struggle inwardly. I think I'll just detail what you can expect from this blog.

Firstoffly, I'll TRY, note the emphasis on the word try people, to post at least four-to-five times a week. This may not seem like a lot...and it isn't, I'm just really lazy ^^.

Nexticus, I know absolutely NOTHING about running a blog, so i haven't the foggiest how to make it look cool and interesting like BRK's or Pike's, for example I don't how to use HTML to link to sites or how too add pictures or videos. I would really appreciate any help that any readers, or fellow bloggers may have for me. EDIT: Nevermind, lol, I've worked out out how to do all of things I mentioned above. Still, any other hints and tips or downright cheats are very welcome :)!

And last but not least, the subject matter. I will, from past experience, be talking out of my rectum (it's a surprisingly difficult skill to master) most of the time, as well, lets face the facts. I'm freakin' lvl 3...6, I think, yeah I'm pretty sure I leveled up...anyway, if you think I have something wrong, or hell even if you just like to argue for the sake of it, feel free to send me a BRK-style BIG FROSTY GLASS OF SHUT UP JUICE! (Sevei apologises humbly to BRKWWA for his blantant copy-right infringment, and yet cannot find the energy to promise he won't do it again. Which he will. Very soon...)

While, admittedly, I'm nowhere near the level of expertise and overall awesomeness of any of the above Hunter Gods, hopefully I'll at least be able to entertain a handful of people with my rambling, unstructured posts.

And yeah, I know that the pic I've put up has nothing at all to do with this post, I just just thought 'what the hell!' and stuck it in there anyways.

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