14 Jan 2009

Razorfen Downs: EPIC FAIL

So there I was, watching happily as my trusty Ravager, Farahlon, was munching on undead skull, when I get a whisper from a guildie.
Akorin: "Hey Sevei, you still wanna go do RFD for that quest?"
I look at my minimap, and seeing not one red blip, I reply, "Yeah sure thing!"
Fast foward half an hour and Me, Akorin and three other guys are FINALLY inside the instance. I look round and grin and I do a Cartman-style "Sweeet." I love going to instances that I've never been to before and I'd been meaning to come here for a while.
Things went well at first except, because of the 4 or 5 lvl difference between our tank and Akorin, who is a Mage, it meant that the tank had not a snowballs chance in hell of holding aggro. But that was cool, I was there to trap and generally annoy any mob that got close to the poor little, squishie.

But everything changed when we got to a chamber a little further in. I don't know how but we, and by we I mean the idiot dr00d, managed to pull every single mob in the room and beyond. There was like 14-15 mobs suddenly bearing down on the druid and being the kind-hearted Hunter that I am, I pulled one, trapped one and got my pet to tank another, to prevent him being totally pwn'd (although he totally deserved it).

Now, I know that it's a well known fact that Hunters love our Tanks, I mean they stop us getting ass-raped in a single hit but our Tank was just awesome. He ran in, pulling as many mobs to him as he could and held them by their faces and slapped them about a bit. Also, because the druid, who was supposed to be healing the tank, decided that he'd much rather be a kitty, left Akorin and I to cast GotN (Gift of the Naaru) on the tank to keep him alive.

How ridiculous is that? I mean c'mon! Yet despite the spectacular failure of the pull, I was grinning the whole time! I loved it, this was how it should be! Chaos and desperation, mixed with exhilaration when we actually killed all the mobs with only one casualty (bet you can't guess who ^^). If only we had went further in, who knows how awesome the battles mighta been?

But alas, that was not to be, for the druid, throwing a huff because he hadn't watched his HP and was the only one who died, like he was annoyed we hadn't wiped or something /bitch slap druid, he left the group. I was all for continuing, I mean I wasn't like he had done that much healing after all. But then, with no warning the other Mage did a Houdini on us and suddenly it was only our Tank, Akorin and I.
I had to admit defeat then, even though it pisses me off, that one person can ruin an entire hour of work.
So to sum up my rambling post: Say NO to Feral Kitty Druids!

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