15 Jul 2009

Level 80!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-pauses to take a breathe-aaaaaaaaaaaaaay! <3

Well, my Hunter has been lvl 80 for about 2 weeks but I've just worked up the energy to write this post now lol. Level 80 is alot more work than I'd thought it would be :) As soon as I dinged, I started gathering mats for craftable epics...it turns out I'm not as patient as I though ^^ half an hour later I gave up and decided to buy as much as I could off of the AH.

I've also been PvP'ing ALOT more now, lots of my gear is either Hateful Gladiator gear or Titan-forged gear :3

I think that once I replace my gun, I'll be able to be try Naxx 10 :D


Shy said...

Welcome to the ranks of 80s ^_^

And yeah, if you have an okish group, Naxx10 should be possible straight away :)

Sevei said...

I really wanna do Naxx but whenever I say I've never been in before I always get kicked :(