28 Jul 2009

My Goals

I've been kinda 'meh' 'bout WoW lately, so I've decided to post a list of goals too help me when I need some motivation. I hope it works, seeing as I'm a lazy bum lol

1) Get a better bloody Ranged Weapon! I swear to freakin' God Almighty and Allah and all those dieties that may or may not exist, I am SOOO sick of my Prison Warden's Shotgun. It's gotten to the point where I feel near physical pain whenever I look at the thing.

I'm going for either the Nesingwary 4000, which is craftable by Engineers, or the Blunderbuss of Khaz Modan, which you can get for 25 Champion Seals at the Argent Tournament.

2) Get a better stat stick a.k.a Melee Weapon(s). Atm, I'm using Lightning Giant Staff, which is by no means bad, I just really want an epix :)

I'm going for either the Staff of Trickery that drops from Cyanigosa in the Violet Hold or the Silvery Sylvan Stave which you can purchase for 25 Champion Seals at the Argent Tournament grounds.

3) Get Normal Flying. Nuff said.

4) Get Epic Flying. /cringe.

5) Get Dual-Spec and make a good PvP spec. Aww, my poor wallet :(

That's all I can think of right now. Still, it's enough to be getting on with, eh? Right, off to the Argent Tourney and my Blunderbuss/Stave. :)


Matt said...

The weapons from the Argent Tournament are fairly good pre-raid weapons, I know I used the 2-handed sword for tanking until I got the trash-mace from 25-Naxx.
Not only that, the money from dailys is nice, plus you get rep with home-factions if you need it and if you get a better weapon in the meantime, you can save for a pet and sell it via the AH, not sure what it's like on your server but they range from 1K to 3K on mine!

Shy said...

You could also try for the bow from I think it is UK, not too bad for a weapon :)

Kirsti said...

Both sets of staves are very good in their own rights :) Flying in general is always needed :)

Sevei said...

@Brunty - Well, since I've now got a Nesingwary 4000 that takes care of my Ranged Weapon :) Plus, Sen'jin Fetish WANT :D

@Shy - I tried for AGES to get it but it never dropped once. Never mind that know, I gots me a gun now :)

@Kirsti - I want flying but it's just so...expensive :( lol