26 Feb 2009

Damn! Foiled Again!

I wish I'd known then what I do now. That you can't change the URL of your blog, even if you change the actual name. Hm, a dilemma if there ever was one. My old blog name (Sevei's Hunter Cafe) was too limited in scope to fit my rambling post style.

So, I was flicking through the official WoW wallpapers when I found a picture (which I'm now using for my Blog Header) that kicked my few remaining brains cells into motion. It was perfect! So general, so vague, that even I would struggle to go off-topic!

And thus I named my blog: For The Alliance!

EDIT: After posting this, I discovered that you CAN change your blog URL, therefore making this post null and void. I ain't gonna remove it though, maybe the more posts I have, the more people will visit my blog.../cackle insanely.

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