22 Feb 2009

Drinks At The Grim Guzzler

Hey everyone, sorry 'bout not updating my blog for so long. I'm not gonna tell you RL was being a bitch and that I was too busy. No, I'm not gonna insult your vast intelligence, my dear readers. The real reason I have not written in a donkey's age is merely because of two small things.

1) I've not done anything remotely interesting in WoW recently, well, unless you count obsessively doing the Ramparts untill I had the awesome looking polearm, legs and gloves.

2) I was overcome by a bout of laziness so potent, so horrible I could barely bring myself to play WoW! I know, I know! Shock, horror and frozen hotdogs, Batman!

But now that I have overcome these problems, you can expect much more bitch- I mean posting from yours truly.

So, sit back, grab a beer and stick on some soothing Def Leppard :P

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