21 May 2009

Guild Drama

I have a problem. All three of my Alliance toons are in separate guilds. These guilds are all lovely, full of great people and stimulating G-chat. However, I have discovered a guild so awesome and fun, that I want to stick all my toons into it.

Anyone got any advice on how to go about that without hurting anyone's feelings?

I've thought about just/gquit'ing but that wouldn't be fair to my guildies. Sigh, sometimes I wish I wasn't such a nice guy...Anyway, I'd love your feedback on my situation.

For The Alliance!

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Shy said...

Open and honest communication with your guildleader and officers generally works best. They too are human, and they too understand the human need to be with those you feel most comfortable with.

I can imagine that it might almost feel as if you're breaking up a relationship though.

Good luck with it!