22 May 2009

Girls Play WoW

Yes, they do. I know many awesome female players, most of whom are healers. What I don't understand is why they get so much hassle over their (rather lovely) gender.

For example, I was in a group yesterday and we where gonna attempt HoL. I messaged an amazing healer I'd grouped with before and asked her if she would be up for it. After she said yes, we got a tank and 2 more DPS to fill out the group.

Then when we were at the first boss (really awesome) we kept wiping because the tank obviously wasn't very good and kept losing aggro. When I asked the tank if he had bought his account of Ebay, the rest of the group started going off on my Healer friend.

Maybe some of their reasons were valid but I stopped listening to them as soon as someone uttered the words, "Get this whore out of our group so we can get a REAL healer in." I swear to god, that pissed me off so fucking much!

After a few choice words and a few /kick's, my friend and I decided to chill out by doing some fishing. =3

Uhhh, damn this kinda turned into a rant...anyway to summarize: Girls play WoW, GET OVER IT.

For The Alliance!


Brajana said...

That's annoying, and yeah, I'm sick of people being so surprised that girls play WoW.

Did the other group members know she was a girl? Or was it just because her toon was a girl? I know a lot of guys who play female toons.

Sevei said...

Yeah they knew she was a girl and that just pissed me off even more.She was pretty upset by the whole thing.

Arcania said...

It is horrible that anyone would be treated in such a manner and resorting to name-calling is not acceptable. People need to realize that it's that work that people do as a team that allows them to get through an instance. Each person is responsible for their share. You suceed or fail as a good and should support each other instead of pointing fingers. Skill is not determined by gender, race, or religion so those should never be brought up. Skill is all in the individual person.

pinkie said...

that's terrible and sadly happens more than oftern. Good on you for standing up against that