21 May 2009

Sleeping With The Fishes...Daily

I LOVE the fishing dailies. There, I said it! I currently get more enjoyment from my two essential dailies (fishing and cooking) than I do from any other facet of the wonderful world of Warcraft.As such, I haven't been on WoW much lately, except to do the aforementioned quests.

Even grouping for 5-mans doesn't do it for me any more...and this frightens me.There was a time, not that long ago when all you had to say to me was:

"Sevei, you up for a 5-"


"Don't you wanna know what it is?"

Nah, doesn't matter! Let's get our boogie on!"

"...fine whatever..."

But now, it all just seems so...boring and pointless. I want to feel that burst of awesomeness you feel when you step into an instance for the first time. Heh, when I first saw Azjol-Nerub...lets just say there was girlish screaming involved.

Anyone got any ideas about how to spice up WoW for me? Love to hear your thoughts on my dilemma.

And yes, I actually say, "Let's get our boogie on!" So sue me.


Lodur said...

Good post mate. My joy for the game comes from just randomly exploring it. There are some many things throughout it that you can go the entire wow life and not see.

Branwyn said...

Explore things you've never seen/done before. Generally, no matter how experienced someone is with this game, there's something they've never seen or done. Switch sides on a casual basis. Go for the loremaster achievement, or the explorer one. Roll an alt of a class/race you never tried before and play around with it.

I don't encourage continuing play if you just really can't find any enjoyment in the game anymore, of course. What point is there in playing a game you don't have fun with? But if you just want a little change, any of the above suggestions may be for you. :)

Shy said...

I started working on the Loremaster Achievement, random little quest lines ftw ^_^