12 Mar 2009

Player Set Level Cap

This idea came to me as I was reading up on Karazhan. The thing is, Karazhan is what some people refer to as a 'gear check' to see if players are ready, gear-wise, for higher level raids.

Now Karazhan sounds really, really cool and fun but now that WotLK has came out and the level cap has been kicked up to 80, by the time a level 70 player had got to a sufficient gear level, they would have probably ding'd to 71 maybe even 72.

This may not sound too bad too some people but it would ruin Karazhan for me, no longer being as difficult, as challenging. So that's why I want, no demand, an option to manually level cap myself so that I can still enjoy all this great content but not level up, as though I didn't have the expansion. Then, when I felt it was time to venture to Northrend, I could go to an NPC (or something) and maybe even pay a small fee, to remove my level cap.

I know most people will think this is a stupid idea but I'm one of the many people who started playing when WotLK was already out, so otherwise I'm never gonna get to experience this content as it was intended to be experienced.

That makes me sad :(


Dee said...

I never experienced Kara when I started playing WoW and I only started August 1, 2008. I don't what to expect from Kara since I have experienced WotLK, already. Back then before WotLK came, I had fun just doing battle grounds to save up some gears for my Rogue. Now... I forgotten about my rogue altogether.

Sevei said...

lol my character was a human rogue, I scrapped him after lvl 30 :P and when I found BRK's blog, my love for all things Hunter blossomed :P

Erik said...

I think you are right, that you won't get a lot of agreement or sympathy on this, but I completely understand the sentiment. There seems to be a lot of enjoyment lost in the game when people rush forward to the next thing. We had a few guildies who advocated running newer level 80's through Heroics to get them geared to run the through Naxx the following week. Where's the fun in that? I'm all for blasting through levels as a solo player, but shouldn't instances and raids be a team thing?

Syrana said...

It is a shame that many people (new and veteran alike) rush past a lot of game content.

Unfortunately, the only way to turn off the level cap would be to not upgrade to the next expansion right away.

The idea overall, I like... to be able to decide to stay put at 60 or 70 for a bit. And if they let it be at certain intervals, rather than one choosing which ever level they wanted, would make a difference because of twinks. We can't make it too easy for them, now can we?

Neat thing though (can't remember which server, but there was a WoW Insider "15 Minutes of Fame" interview) is an "old school" guild. All of their guild members have only the original WoW (some have other accounts up through Wrath) and they are raiding the level 60 content just like back in the day.

Bob said...

A friend of mine had me try out Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. When I hit level 10 I learned a spell that provides the buff: "Reduces all experience gained by 100%"
After asking why anyone would want that, I was told it was so you could remain in lower level areas and experience all of the content and then move forward at your own pace. It's actually a good idea and I'd love to see Blizzard incorporate it.

Anonymous said...

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