27 Mar 2009

An Award? For Me?

The Honest Weblog Award? What's that then?

[Receives wooden statue painted with cheap gold spray paint, holding it gingerly by one of the many rusty looking nails protruding from it.]

Wow, my own award! When I started this blog, I never thought I'd get any awards for it. /sniff. Must...not...cry. Thanks much to the lovely Cait from the One Among Many blog, for handing me this very...humble award. :P

For those that have never heard of this award, I'll explain the rules.

Rules: 1. Brag about said award and link back to individual passing said award to you.

2. Tag 7 other bloggers and give them all said award.

3. Write 10 honest things about yourself since this is the "Honest Weblog Award".

So, I might as well get this done now. Here are 10 honest things about me.

1. I'm a very laid back person, it's takes alot for me get annoyed or angry.

2. I love WoW to an almost crazy degree, sometimes I find it hard to talk about anything else.

3. I was born 8 weeks early and had to have heart surgery soon after I took my first gasp of air.

4. I love my blog and wish I could find the energy to write more often.

5. I'm 19 - when 911 hit, I didn't believe my mum when she phoned to tell me. I thought, being only 10 as I was, who would be crazy enough do that? I was horrified later to find out it was true.

6. I love my cats, Pepper and Mog but my god, they sometimes drive me crazy.

7. My music tastes often confuse people as I love listening to hardcore heavy metal, yet also like pop and classical music. Stravinsky, anyone?

8. My favourite sport is Chess, yes you heard me, Chess. I dare you to tell me Chess ain't a sport :P Lets see what would happen.

9. My desk at home is generally a mess, covered in things I'm too lazy too move, plates, bowls, sweets wrappers, soft drinks cans. Y'know, the usual.

10. My name is Bryan and I'm from Scotland. I hunt haggises for a living :P Tricky things, haggises... /giggle.

Now to give these awards to some other blogger's. It's an Honest Award...so I suppose I should explain why I think you guys should expect such.. an auspicious award. :)

1. The Warcraft Hunter - One of the many bloggers who inspired me to start my own blog. Full of great huntering wisdom and advice, this is a must for all aspiring hunters. A.K.A Me.

2. Lienna - One of the first bloggers I ever read, Lienna, even though she is a Survival Hunter, is among my favourite bloggers and I think she deserves an award as well.

3. Aspect of the Hare - Need I say more? Pike really is one of the greatest bloggers I have ever read, along with a certain Uncle... :P Here's to ya Pike! /cheer

4. Lady Jess - Wow, at least this blogging isn't always a hunter! At least, I think she isn't, otherwise people might think I'm biased or something! :P Always a lady, Lady Jess's funny, thoughtful posts make my day.

5. Blessing of Kings - The best Paladin blogger imho! Full of thought provoking and theory-crafting posts, this is a blog for everyone, not just a pally!

6. Death Coil - Surprisingly, one of the only good Death Knight/Warlock blogs I could find. Full of descriptive posts and some RPing, this is a blog you don't wanna miss!

7. BigRedKitty -Okay, I know for a fact that BRK has already got one of these awards but goddamn, he deserves another! For the man who inspired me to drop my rogue and roll a hunter, thank you sir! /salute

There, those are the wonderful bloggers I believe make the WoW Blogosphere a better place! Now, go forth and read!


Erik said...

Well, thank you for the tag! I will have to work on my award speech over the next couple of days :)
Yes, Chess is a sport! The meaning of the word "sport" seems to have evolved due to televised sports, but I choose to hold to the original meaning, which is "recreational activity with competitive aspects." Chess fits this description, professional wrestling does not. Professional wrestling is "athletic entertainment," in that it is very athletic and barely entertaining.
Ok...somehow my thank-you note turned into a rant...not sure how that happened :)

~One Among Many~ said...

Of course you get an extra shiny aware for calling me "lovely"