30 Mar 2009

It's Finally Happened...

Ever since Resto4Life closed it's doors, I've been fearing this would come to pass...and now, it finally has. The mighty, hilarious, inspiring BRK, the one who made me pick up WoW again... is leaving the blogosphere and the game. Possibly for good.

I...I really don't know what to say... the thought of going to BRK's page and seeing it unchanged after weeks, months...makes me indescribably sad.

Here's to ya, BRK. A great man, who has inspired thousands, best of luck to you and your family. I hope you get everything sorted soon.

If you want to read his farewell post, go here. If you don't die a little inside...you are already dead...


~One Among Many~ said...

I just read about that a few minutes ago. I was going to post about it, but figured a few people would have it covered with all it's shock and what not. It's surprising but there are a few things to note.

BRK hadn't actually posted hunter guides or leveling this or that, updates, etc. in quite some time. Sure he posted for level 80's but what about the other millions of lowbie hunters that flocked to his website?

He got to a point where he seemed to just be pushing his merchandise. He got wrapped up in being a label. Thus, the wife and child took a back seat while he rode on a bit of the money train. Sad but true. It happens.

I think he'll be back. Maybe 6 months from now and on a limited time basis, but he needs to help his son live life and kiss the woman he loves.

I do think when he does come back it will be limited, but it will hopefully mean a more inspired BRK - not just a businessman.

Sevei said...

Ah, you've obvious not seen BRK's 'Baby Hunter' movies for Project Lore.

He goes in depth and explains everything a newbie hunter would ever need to know.

The latest one was post maybe 'bout a week ago, if I remember correctly.

I think you are wrong 'bout the 'business' man thing. Sure, he sells stuff and it may be partly motivated by money, but I think a larger part of it his pure enjoyment of everything Hunter and wanting to 'speard the word' as it were. :P

Anyway, that is just my humble opinion. I will always think of BRK as my first WoW Mentor.

~One Among Many~ said...

Ah the baby hunter movies on Project Lore, yes I did forget about those.

That aside though and as you put it he was your mentor (so to speak)...so nothing I say you'll agree with lol (nothing wrong with that either!)

Just with all the toys, tshirts, etc. There was even a comment a few days back saying "Where are all the hunter posts?" Besides clicking on his side bar, the actual stream of posts was...well...TJ did most of them. They were filler-content.

It is what it is. :)

Of course I think its awesome that he had the strength to realize everything and turn to his family first before it crumbled. Just awesome :)

He was definitely a businessman though. He knew the hunters and loved 'em...but on that blog he sold merchandise, got artists to work for him, craftsman signed up, people made art...etc.

Also, again, not a bad thing. It's just what I saw the blog becoming.

~One Among Many~ said...

I'll add this though - his fondness for the hunter class could never be questioned and he'll be missed by so many people/bloggers.

Here's to the BRK *raises glass*