4 Mar 2009

Spacegoat Lovin'

Booyah! GotN (Gift of the Naaru) is now even more awesome, if you can believe that! On top of being a HoT (Heal over Time) it now removes up to two harmful Magic effects from a friendly target. As someone said on BRK's blog, Draenei Warriors = Decurser Duty :P

Unfortunately though, it's not all good news, for our Dwarven brothers in arms, at least. Stoneform has been nerfed. It now no longer grants 8secs of Immunity to Bleed, Poison or Disease, though it may still remove any of those effects when you first pop it, I'm unsure about this though.

Can anyone confirm?

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Erik said...

I saw this, too, from people in PTRs. Sigh...nerfage sucks. Not that I play dwarf much any more, I just hate to see anyone lose anything that they have gotten used to.
That being said, the only time I ever used it was when fighting Moroes in Karazhan. I don't do that much any more :)