17 Mar 2009

God Hates Me...

I got my new computer, I got my new computer! Woohoo! Oh...nice nice, it only took about about an hour or so to fully install the game and expansions, so far so good....

Ok, let's start dowloading the first of many patches...fuck. Estimated download time: 10hours.


Must...experience WoW in...22" screen awesomeness....except my speakers ain't working. WoW with no sound? Noooooo!

/runs around in circle, flailing arms wildly.

Jeez, someone in my family must have really pissed off the man upstairs.


Dee said...

Grats on the new pc.

you should have made a backup on WoW. I copied my wow to an external drive so I can play it wherever I go. Just be patient and I don't think God has anything to do with it... hehe blame the internet for downloading too long.

Sevei said...

Ah well, I'm fully patched up now but if I ever get another new computer I will definetly make a backup of WoW. On another good note, I finally got got the damn sound system to work :P

Erik said...

Grats on the new computer! I know the frustration you must have felt at seeing that download time...I remember a time I went through that, only to find out there was yet another download. At least now I think they make them cumulative, which means one download only.
Yay for that!