24 Mar 2009

Why I Play A BM Hunter

I'll tell you why I play BM. It basically boils down to one thing: Pets. I know all Hunters have pets but only BM's have Pets. As a BM, your pet is your friend, your companion, someone you can always count on to have your back, unlike Survival and Marksmen where your pet is only there too do as much damage as possible before dying.

I like the fact that, as BM, if your pet dies, it actually matters. If a BM's pet dies, they should lose 40-50% of their DPS. Because, in my humble opinion, Hunters are all 'bout the pets. Without a pet, we are worse than useless. But with one, our power reaches heights previously unimagined...

I don't know about other BM's but when any of my pets die, I feel an almost physical pain, which means I immediately drop whatever I'm doing and ress him. Doesn't matter if I'm supposed to be trapping something, or it's during a boss fight, he's my pet, my friend. That's all there is to it. Any Hunter that says otherwise is, in my opinion, just a mail-wearing mage.


Neinei said...

LoL @ the mail-wearing-mage. I'm leveling a hunter too but I still think every member in the party as as equally important as my pet. Although, I do sometimes run away if I couldn't handle a mob on my own if there's too many agro. I let my kitty tank it for a while until I get out of combat. Luckily, my kitty doesn't die too fast. I can just call my pet if I get out of combat range.

Sevei said...

lol don't get me wrong, I love all classes in the game and don't underestimate their value. Though I may be hesitant to group with a Rogue or an Enhancement Shaman, basically because the gear thats good for them is also, most of the time, good for me :P

My point though was that I like the emphasis that the Beast Mastery spec places on pets. I rolled Survival a while and sure, it was fun. But it was just missing something.

Erik said...

I hear you about the pet thing...I feel the same way. I agonize over their names, because I want them to "mean" something, just as I want the pet to "mean" something in a group. I was in an instance a couple of weeks ago when I noticed the healer was not healing my pet at all. Not that I consider it his "responsibility", but his response that he could "care less if the pet dies" sat not at all well with me.
He was booted seconds later, because my pet has better manners than he does.