11 Mar 2009

Moar Spirit Beasties!

On the latest version of the PTR, a new form of Spirit Beast is available. Gondria, found in Zul'Drak, is basically a see-through Frostsaber with Spirit Strike. I'm not very impressed to be honest, I think I'll still end up going for Loque'nahak, even if this guy does turn out to be more easily tamed.

Pop over to the WoWHead Forums to read about this lovely new pet.


~One Among Many~ said...

I think the First spirit beast looks far more "unique". This guy looks like every other cat from Winterspring - but somewhat ghostlike and showing off some glowing eyes...still, I like the other one better I think.

I imagine a lot of the people with Winterspring Saber mounts will want this guy as a pet though.

Sevei said...

Don't get me wrong, he looks cool but i just like Loque's skin more. Although, after 40+ hours trying to tame Loque I may change my tune :P

~One Among Many~ said...

lol yeah, the camping for weeks on end does have it's downsides...but it makes it more worth it I guess. That you have an even greater story to tell.

"Oh man, and on that 7th day at like 3am, when I saw her...it was glorious and I was freaking out!"

Can't get that with an "easy to get" mob.

Sevei said...

lol very true :P though according to BRK, Gondria is a Rare spawn to. So he might be as hard to get as Loque'nahak.