1 Mar 2009

Rockin' In Da Crypts

Well, I'm almost lvl 68 and I ain't even set a hoof in Nagrand yet. I really wanna do the Hills Like White Elekk acheivement I'm still around the right level. Still, since you can start doing Northrend starting area quests at lvl 68, I'm not that bothered.

In my pursuit of new and interesting (at least to me) instances, a few of my guildies and I ran through the Auchenai Crypts and The Sethekk Halls tonight. I have to say I found the Crypts very pleasing on the eyes while the Halls were pretty mundane and filled with Akkroa which I loathe.

By the time we all called it a night, I had some nice loot for my troubles: Ravenclaw Band, Talon Lord's Collar and Terokk's Mask. All of which, if not outright upgrades, were at least side grades.

Tomorrow? Shadow Labyrinth and the Sonic Spear!


Erik said...

Nagrand was my favorite place in all the Outlands, at least from a questing perspective. I usually have skinning on the toons that I level up, and Nagrand is the Stranglethorn of the Outlands....just full of beasties waiting to donate their pelts towards my epic flyers.

Sevei said...

Yes, Nagrand is awesome for Skinners :P Though I've decided to go straight to Howling Fjord/ Borean, instead of grinding through anymore of Outland. It took all of my restrain to finish the Mysteries of the Marsh achievement before legging it to Northrend lol