3 Mar 2009


Even though my WoW subscription is up, I have decided to tame a cat. Yes, you heard right dear readers, a cat. Now I just need to decide what cat. I have narrowed my choices down to two unthinkable options. :P (Sorry, loved that movie).

I'm going to tame either Humar the Pridelord in the Barrens, or Sian-Rotam in Winterspring. Both look really, really cool so it's hard to pick which one lol. Right now, I'm leaning towards Sian-Rotam, because his contrasting colors (white fur, black mane) really catch my eye.

I would love to hear your opinions on this.


Erik said...

I love cats with contrasting colors...there are some really nice panthers in Northrend that stand out. But for now I will stick with my Rake...he has been by my side since level 10, sharing time with the Gorilla.

Sevei said...

Rake's the cat in Mulgore, right?

~One Among Many~ said...

Sevei, Rake is a male lion in Mulgore, yes :)

I'm more partial towards the unique...like Araga :) A nice little tidbit to see if anyone can tell you who she was before you name her Fuzzybutt. She still has a unique skin regardless of Blizzard removing the rings on her tail.

but for male lions...I suppose I like Humar more :)


Sevei said...

lol Araga is nice, just not manly enough for me :P