3 Mar 2009

If You Could..?

Pike asked, 'If you could have any title, any at all, even one not in the game, what would you choose?' For me, seeing as I like both Nerubians and the Auchenai Crypts (which means my title could mean two different things :P) my title would be:

'Crypt Lord' Sevei...mmmm yeah, seriously if I had the choice of getting all the old, unavailable titles (Hand of A'dal, Champion of the Naaru ect) or Crypt Lord, I would choose Crypt Lord. :P Is it me or does it just sound...sexy? lol


Erik said...

Back in the old days when a king needed money he could sell a knighthood or some other title. Perhaps if Blizz felt the need to pull some gold out of the game (due to inflation or something) they could sell titles. Then you might see some level 1 bank alts with "Knight Commander" titles!
Anyway, some system of racial chivalric titles for all-around play could be looked at. The title you would get could be based on the lowest level of achievement in the following areas: Character Level, quests, exploration, instances and raids, gold acquired, PvP, and the Achievements themselves. This would encourage people to play all aspects of the game, and not just focus on one or two.

Sevei said...

Thats a good idea, I wish they would do that. :P